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Citwide Container Services specialized in mini, 10, 20, and 30 yard containers for construction debris and rubbish removal. We are a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council and have provided our customers with Waste Management Plans and LEED reports to meet Green Building Requirements since its inception in 2003. Your debris is processed by environmentally conscious recycling center. Citywide is proud of its fleet of over 30 vehicles and experienced union drivers in local 813 and 282 that are servicing the metropolitan area for over 15 years with safe, reliable service, always guaranteed. We want each person we do business with to walk away feeling satisfied. Today in the construction industry, companies are looking for the best price possible but service and safety are also major factors and we base our business on this very concept.

Citywide and The Allocco Recycling Facilities, both members of the USGBC and committed to its principals, have partnered in a combined committed effort to impact our environment in a positive way, today and for future generations. Our hopes are for all to enjoy a healthy living environment. We have proven our capabilities by our participation in the creation of an increased number of Green Buildings. We can assist your Company in complying with your LEED requirements for recycling waste generated during construction of Green Buildings.

It is our intent to commence the recycling process, with respects to construction debris, by insuring, the reutilization of construction debris collected to the manufacturing process, redirecting reusable material to appropriate sites, resulting in a diversion of construction debris from Landfill Disposal. Allocco Recycling with a recently installed state of the art separation and screening system, committed to insure that all recyclable construction debris are directed towards this goal of recycling for reuse. We feel our actions speak to our core values of affecting our environment in a positive endeavor.

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A history of Citywide Container Services
CityWide Container Service was founded in 1994 on the premise of providing professional, superior service tailored to meet our client's individual needs. Our hands-on operational style ensures customer satisfaction with safe, reliable service and efficiencies that will ensure, we meet your bottom line. We attribute our longevity and success to the governmental agencies, Prestigious Developers, Builders, Contractors and Private individuals that have entrusted us with their projects, many of which have received distinguished awards. We are proud to have been at the forefront of developing and providing LEED documentation and Waste Management reports to help our clients meet the needs of their LEED certified projects. We rely on our reputation to ensure our continued growth and pride ourselves in our unblemished record. Citywide has never failed to finish a project. We are a group of individuals with the common goal to strive to surpass our client's expectations with each project and to do whatever it takes to distinguish ourselves from the competition.


Since Citywide began, we have have the privlege to work on many prestigious projects with many noteworthy people. Below are a few letters from our customers who we have worked with in the past.

World Trade Center
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